My Passion

First and foremost I have great passion for what I do, I love my yarn shop, I love helping people to choose projects and I love working with beautiful yarns.  I really enjoy my classes and I'm delighted with the achievements of the groups, when people exclaim "I can knit!", it fills me with sheer delight.  My 'Knit & Natter' is a good opportunity to put the world to rights and share and encourage ideas.  It's fun and open to new and experienced knitters alike.

My greatest inspiration and love comes from my family, my husband David and 3 daughters Meg, Fran & Niamh. 

My Inspiration 1

Without their love, support and patience I could never have opened the shop!  

I love going to other yarn shops, sourcing ideas and looking for inspiration, I want my yarn shop to be the best!  Here I am in 'Purl' New York (sorry more holiday pics!) A truly inspirational little shop packed to the rafters with some of the most beautiful yarns I have ever seen.

My Inspiration 2

See the big grin on my face - I was in yarn heaven!!
I want my customers to feel they have been truly looked after and listened to, that they have felt welcome and special. I want them to remember the customer service experience at The Wool Bar.  That's why I wrap all the yarns in tissue paper and hand it to my customers in crisp brown bags, I want them to love the yarn as much as I do!

My Inspiration 3